TM PubMaster+ is an easy-to-use rendering tool. It simplifies the process of converting XML files into PDF documents using XSL Stylesheets, allowing a wide range of looks and rich features that will allow your company to meet deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

TM PubMaster+ will reduce the time and cost of your publishing projects by generating outstanding documentation that complies with industry standards for military or commercial publications. From technical and supporting manuals to documentation and training information, TM PubMaster+ allows users to render, edit, and publish their work on the fly!

TM PubMaster+ is a self-contained, completely secure software. Simply download the software from the UBT site, install on your computers, and start using TM PubMaster+ today.

There are many benefits that are just a click away, and no need to leave your desk! TM PubMaster+ has rich features, allowing an unlimited number of licensed users to view documents in a PDF viewer on their own computer. Just locate the file in the browser and view it in either raw XML or PDF format. The rendering tool will also allow for specific set up per individualized viewing preferences.

TM PubMaster+ capabilities include industry standard functionality (printing, searching, show/hide utility pane, zoom with marquee tool, page up and down, go to last page, choose actual document size, fit in window, or fit to width), additional capacities include, but are not limited to, viewing output logs and previously published files opened in the job queue.