Advanced Electronics Manufacturing

Prototype/Mid-Volume, High Complexity

Unified Business Technologies Engineering \ Manufacturing Development and Production (EMD&P)
division has been created from the ground up to leverage the most advanced
manufacturing technologies in support of our core mission to manufacture
electronic products with uncompromised quality.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capability

Our fully inline circuit board assembly cell can produce assemblies containing
components as small 01005 to as large as 45mm2. All equipment is capable of
processing panel sizes up to 18”x 24” for support of large format PCB.

Automated placement and AOI systems ensure all assemblies are built to the most stringent workmanship standards with 100% traceability of all materials used.
Integrated with our ERP system, this yields traceability of materials, operators, and process measures down to the serial number and component.

Throughout manufacturing, we utilize innovative technologies such as vacuum based reflow soldering to yield void free solder joints to ensure integrity, even in the harshest of operational environments. Additional technologies, such as AOI, 3D SPI, Selective Soldering, and 3D X-Ray offering the highest level of assurance that your assemblies will work the first time, every time.

Cable Assembly Capability

UBT’s cable manufacturing center has capabilities across all medium types to
provide you with a responsive, uncompromised quality source for all your custom cable assembly requirements.

All UBT cable assemblies feature:

  • Electrical, fiber optic, and hybrid connections
  • Automated processing for cut, strip, jacket slit, filler removal, and polishing
  • 100% electrical testing of all assemblies
  • Fabrication to IPC, AS, and custom workmanship standards

Engineering and Design Services

Complementary to our manufacturing capability, UBT offers full engineering and design services to support your needs from specification, through product realization, to sustainment services for mature products.

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