Real Property (RP) Management & General Fund Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBS) Support Service

Accurately report installation facility requirements and capture future funding allocations.

UBT real property management services supports Army customers at the Garrison level. An in-depth and dynamic understanding of real property asset database management is critical to accurately reporting installation facility requirements and capturing future funding allocations. Installation asset condition and quantity data drives command decisions on facility replacement, repair, sustainment funding assignments, and future investments in real property assets.

Our team of on-site real property surveyors and asset data management SMEs help installation customers to:

  • Accurately identify and report real property sustainment and maintenance requirements based on the existing Facilities Sustainment Model (FSM) funding allocations by CATCODE.
  • Conduct in-depth surveys of facilities
  • Perform and field validate periodic physical inventories of real property
  • Reconcile facilities against existing documentation and drawings
  • Determine space utilization of buildings.
  • Formatting, updating, and entering data into the accountable property system of record (APSR).

Guarantee You Have the Accurate Data Needed to Make Sound Decisions

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