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As new cyber threats (APT, phishing, ransomware, etc.) emerge every day, it becomes a matter of responsibility for every organization big and small to have a robust cybersecurity infrastructure. UBT’s cybersecurity services provide information systems security lifecycle management, vulnerability assessment and evaluation, adherence to the NIST Risk Management Framework, and certification and accreditation services for systems both federal and commercial.

We continuously train and coach our IT personnel, keeping them updated on all emergent technologies and threats in order to provide cutting edge and timely solutions to our customers. Our personnel are connected to the latest cyber defense research being conducted at DARPA, and at the Carnegie Melon University Software Engineering Institute. This allows us to adapt and respond to cybersecurity threats in an agile way.

More than just security, however, we fill the gap between information operations, privacy and physical security, encompassing issues relating to privacy, regulatory compliance, audits, business continuity, and disaster recovery. We provide security and compliance consultation, vulnerability management and mitigation, and penetration testing.


UBT offers Command Cybersecurity Readiness Inspection (CCRI) services that include:

  • ACAS Security Center
  • Active Directory
  • CCRI Phase IV Grading
  • CCRI Tool Configuration
  • CND Directives Implementation Guidance
  • Cross-Domain Solutions (CDS)
  • Database Security Compliance
  • Domain Naming System (DNS) Security
  • Endpoint Assessments
  • Endpoint Deployment
  • Machine Data Analytics Platform
  • Microsoft Exchange Configuration
  • Network Asset Hardening
  • Ransomware Threat Mitigation
  • McAfee ePO Engineering
  • Microsoft Workstation Security Configuration
  • Nessus Implementation
  • Network Perimeter Security Engineering
  • Physical Security
  • UNIX | RHEL Security Implementation & Compliance
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Wireless Controller Implementation

How Machine Data Analytics improves your Business

As more and more businesses increasingly continue to use software programs, the ability to understand if their system is performing accordingly can be difficult. Machine Data Analytics helps companies better understand their system performance by allowing companies to see any blockages, bad actor payloads or if they simply need more space to handle increasing volume.

Ultimately, it will give companies a better understanding of who is trying to access their system, where are they entering from, and if there is anything out of ordinary to prevent Ransomware Threats.

Steps to Detect Ransomware:

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Storage
  • Data Investigation
  • Vulnerability Mitigation

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