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BoostHub-C Compact Charging Stations

Charging Stations

BoostHub-C Compact Charging Stations are the best option when you need to implement or expand electric vehicle charging at your location with minimal site impact. These robust self-contained units are fully operational with just a single power hook up and support up to three Level-2 EV Charging stations per side. The BoostHub can also be used as a backup emergency generator!

It’s Time to Power Up!

System Description

  • Fully self-contained EVSE, just set and connect.

  • Environmentally sealed container, no need for additional shelter or protection from the elements.

  • No foundation or anchoring required, can be permanently anchored to asphalt or concrete.

  • Supports up to 3 EV Charge Station locations, Level 2 AC with SAE J1772 Plug. Any model or style of EV Charger can be provided pre-installed.

  • Single protected disconnect connection to infrastructure power (240V or 480V 3ϕ AC) for simple hookup.

  • Internal step-up / step-down transformer as needed to support EVSE power requirements.

  • 400A Panelboard for individual EVSE overload protection / fault isolation.

  • Leveling feet for stability on uneven paved surface installations.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Unit dimensions

    • • Length: 20’ (6M)

    • • Width: 5’4” (1.6M)

    • • Height: 8’10” (3M)

  • Operational Temperature Range -20° to 60°C

  • Approx. 5,200 Lbs. (2.5t)

Optional Features

  • Charge Station upgrade to 25/50KW “Level 3” DC-Fast Charge w/CCS(2) / CHAdeMO plugs.

  • Emergency power panel supplies 110/240VAC via standard 20A duplex receptacles w/GFCI.

  • Provision for External UL916 “Smart Meter” standalone utility service.

  • Intelligent control package with cellular data service to support user access control via App RFID Card or FOB. Administration via secured web portal.

  • 30”x240” 256x1536 Full Color Led Display Wall for instruction, revenue generation, or emergency information broadcast.


  • • Site Survey/ Installation plan development

  • • Site Delivery and Installation

  • • Quarterly Maintenance Contracts

  • • Configuration / Application Support

  • • Customization for site or user specific needs


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