Zen & the Art of Wire Management


AVoverIP is a phrase you are going to hear a lot over the next few years. 

Your favorite brand will have their own name for it.  This is essentially the ability to not only send Audio/Visual signals via ethernet cable (As with the extremely successful Crestron line of “DM” products).  This is how the professional A/V industry solved the distance limitations of an HDMI cable.  Large Racks in the conference room’s closet ideally or perhaps in an overstuffed credenza or podium.  AVoverIP seeks to free your closet space and clean up the boardroom.  Maybe even eliminate the alarming heat generating just below your belt as you stand at the podium updating your coworkers.
Distributed manageable endpoints that are interchangeable are your IT department’s dream come true.  The bottom line of this in terms of supporting the product is there is no longer a power supply to go bad. Which from my experience was easily 80% of service issues in the DM era despite their repeated attempts to improve the design. Now we have POE (Power over Ethernet) devices that can be setup to send or receive video routed on your standard network.  
2017 QSC brings the Q-SYS platform to the stage and wow. In the immortal words of Notorius B.I.G. “things done changed”. Near the same price as other DSPs but they went ahead and added everything else on top. 
You are able to control the meeting room and the actual room from any device you like, all under one hood.
Everything changes when the heart is already a computer. BYOD & PTZ, even Microsoft Teams.